What is ParentEdge?

High School and Middle School Example

We are currently conducting a free pilot program of ParentEdge.  Please contact us for more information!

ParentEdge is a service specifically designed to increase parent’s involvement with their children’s educational activities. The concept is simple: once a day/night parents of students will receive a personalized text message directly to their phone telling them what their child needs to do for school the next day. In addition, an email is automatically sent out at the same time containing the same information to as many as three email addresses per student. ParentEdge works at both the elementary and secondary level.

The unique aspect of ParentEdge is the fact that it automates the gathering of contact information, creation of the messages, and the delivery. Other applications that claim to be similar simply give teachers the option of doing a great deal of extra work. They require teachers to gather the contact information themselves, create and structure the messages, and send the messages individually for each class. ParentEdge requires none of that. The application is designed to be almost entirely automated and requires no more than perhaps 30 seconds of a teacher’s time each day or a few minutes a week.

ParentEdge is the only messaging system designed by teachers for teachers to save time and energy.

Elementary School Example

More and more, people’s lives are connected by alerts and notifications given by their smartphones, tablets, and computers. ParentEdge works because it turns one of those alerts into a daily conversation about school every single day. It harnesses the power the power of the cell phone and computer to get parents more involved in their children’s educational lives.

We are currently conducting a free pilot program of ParentEdge.  Please contact us for more information!

For more information about ParentEdge please go to www.schooledgemobile.com.


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