Looking for schools to join our free ParentEdge pilot program!

We are currently looking for more schools to join in our second semester 2012-2013 ParentEdge pilot program.

Target student population: All Students
Staff participation: Building wide program
Duration: Second half of 2012-2013 school year
Cost: No cost to school
Time required for initial setup: 15 minutes for teacher training, 30 – 60 minutes for administrative tasks related to set up
Ongoing time requirement: 1 minute or less per day for teachers, minimal for administrators
Goal of pilot program: For school to use ParentEdge over an extended period of time. This will allow us to gauge whether it has a positive impact on student achievement by notifying parents of homework and assessments on a daily basis.
Expected benefits of program: Increase in student academic performance, better test scores, better communication between parents and school, increased student attendance, fewer discipline issues

Application for pilot program: Application for Pilot Program.

Link to description of our Elementary School Pilot Program.

Link to description of our Secondary School Pilot Program.


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